I had the amazing privilege of traveling to Tokyo, Japan last week and I experienced some of the best music I've ever heard! My friends and I travelled to the Jazz Club The Pit Inn  and witnessed some Jazz from outer space ! We then travelled to The Pearl Bar and listened to some incredible jazz piano.  I recommend both of these venues if you ever visit Tokyo ! I look forward to my return this Summer for some more musical experiences with friends and family ! 

The best website for Music in Japan is Jazz in Japan . I found this website while watching youtube videos all about Japan before my trip.  One video popped up called Tokyo Eye  which is a Japanese television talk show. The episode I found had a guest by the name of Michael Pronko.  An American Author living in Tokyo for the past 15 years.  He is a professor at Meiji Gakuin University who teaches American literature, culture, film, music & art.  This man was fascinating to me so I decided to write him an email.  He replied right away with this website and gave me some extra spots to check out ! Japan is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever visited.  Everyone should visit Japan!