Corporate / Group Drumming


Drum circles are ideal for corporate team building, stress reduction or as a value added addition to meetings or company events. Companies and institutions that integrate professionally facilitated drumming events such as drum circles into their team-building seminars benefit by having greater member production, reduced stress, fewer absences and improved corporate wellness.

Life Rhythms corporate programs bring team members together to achieve a common goal, emphasizing the importance of each team member’s contribution and promoting cooperation amongst co-workers. By demonstrating the value of effective communication and listening skills our programs illustrate the importance of diversity, encourages individual creativity within a group setting and improves critical team management and leadership skills. Our corporate drum circles are energizing, fun and accessible to all regardless of musical background or experience.

Life Rhythm’s corporate wellness programs facilitate:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Promotion of cooperation among participants
  • Improve morale
  • Enhance and promote clear communication
  • Motivate interaction between participants
  • Establish a cohesive and cooperative goal

Life Rhythms facilitators work closely with your event planners to customize, align and integrate our programs with the goals and objectives of any meeting or event.

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