Life Rhythms Special Needs Drumming Program


Parents and educators are beginning to understand the value of group drumming in classrooms for children with special needs. Life Rhythms Special Needs Drumming Program allows children between the ages of 8 to18 have fun while working on several key elements necessary for a balanced and healthy daily rhythm. All classes are guided through several fun, musical activities intended to activate mind/body health.

 Life Rhythms offers dynamic rhythm, song and drum circles that engage and support the following:

  • Social Needs.  Drumming experiences can help a child or young adult work on skills such as turn taking and sharing, as well as helping them feel that they are part of a group contributing towards a positive team process.
  • Communication Needs. Playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate nonverbally and to “listen” to another person’s or group’s nonverbal communication.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills. Different playing techniques can be used to help work on different fine and gross motor skills.  During a drum circle we are typically sitting and playing with our upper body, however we can also stand and play on a tall Conga Drum. This helps us balance on our feet.
  • Emotional Needs. Participating in a drumming activity can help a child feel safe to express his or her feelings.
  • Cognitive Needs. By participating in a drumming experience, children work on attention, impulse control, and decision-making skills.

Not only does drumming encourage daily practice, but it also provides an opportunity for the entire family & staff of the various institutions to be a strong support system and have fun together in a healthy communal environment.