We were introduced to Noah Plotkin, Life Rhythms, in August of 2013. Noah had just founded his company providing music therapy for individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s. It’s been an incredible three -year relationship. Michael prefers one-on-one sessions with Noah where they play various instruments and sing for 45 minutes. Recently, we just expanded his music sessions to be twice a week and for an hour and half. It’s positively magical! Michael was in his mid-fifties when he was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.

Each week, Michael is excited to participate and enjoys playing music which has always been a passion of his since childhood. We have found Music therapy to be both calming and inspirational for both of us. Noah has an incredible way with Michael – he is very gentle, patient and caring person. Very often people have a difficult time getting someone with Alzheimer’s to engage; Noah is extremely patient and has been working with Michael for 3 years. Michael looks forward to every session and I find it keeps him engaged thru the rest of the day!

Living with Alzheimer’s is very hard on family members and caregivers, not just the person with the illness. Music is an activity we both enjoy and look forward to every week. I am grateful to Noah – he gives me a little more of my Michael each time he’s at our home!
— Cheryl Levin Folio, dedicated wife, caregiver, mother, sister and friend
Noah Plotkin and Life Rhythm are enriching the lives of the participants of our Day Program with music, fun and energy. The hour he spends with us goes a long way toward bringing participants together in a vivid shared experience encouraging cooperation, communication and self-expression. When we drum and sing together, we create a beautiful space full of resonance and connection.
— Dr. Na’ama Adam Wasserman, Psy.D., Director of Intensive Day Program at The ARK in Chicago, IL
Noah and I developed a drum communication camp together for the first time last summer. Research has shown the drumming can improve concentration and imitation needed for communication. Noah was an amazing partner in the adventure and I hope to continue this for years to come. He was engaging, patient, welcoming and adept at teaching the children. I saw focus with some students way beyond what I had seen previously.
— Maria Welch, M.S., C.C.C. Speech Language Therapist at The Welch Practice
Noah’s involvement with the Hubbard Street Parkinson’s Project has been a joy! His inspired improvisations, flexibility, dedication and commitment to making the arts accessible in a multi-generational, adaptive arts setting is a perfect fit for the program! The participants enjoy his musical contribution as well as his presence!
— Kristen Gurbach Jacobson, Parkinson’s Project Lead Teaching Artist Youth and Community Programs Manager Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Noah is an invaluable addition to HSDC’s Parkinson’s Project. His communal approach, gentle nature, and unbridled musical bravura are indispensable.
— Sarah Cullen Fuller, former Hubbard Street dancer and founding teaching artist of The Parkinson's Project.
Noah Plotkin and I worked together at the Dance Department at Columbia College Chicago for a year. He was is a deeply talented, curious, generous and inspired human being and musician. I truly enjoyed his energy, intelligence, generosity and compassion each and everyday. It is my pleasure to share my experience with Noah. He brings light and possibility to the world. Thank you Noah.
— Mariah Maloney, Assistant Professor / Graduate Program Director at The College at Brockport, SUNY
I had the good fortune of having Noah Plotkin as my student at Berklee for three years. We worked very closely together. I met with Noah individually one day every week. Through this association I feel I got to know Noah very well, much better than the vast majority of other Berklee students. My perception is that Noah is on a high musical and spiritual plane. His vibration is all positive energy, without any negativity. Noah always sees the best in other people and exciting possibilities for the future. His positivity is the foundation of his relationships with other people. He gets along extremely well with others because of this foundation. He is outgoing and warm.

Noah is also a fantastically talented drummer. He has special skills with rhythm that cannot be taught. They are innate. Noah lives in the moment: he is here and now. What could be better for a drummer or a teacher? I believe anyone having an opportunity to work or study with Noah is in a fortunate and uplifting situation.
— Scott McCormick, Ph.D. Retired Professor of Music Berklee College of Music
Noah Plotkin is a talented musician with many gifts to share. He is a world class percussionist whose creative soul seeks to help soothe the worries and pains of the world through improvisational conversation. His sensitivity and keen intuition combined with his musical skill makes Noah an invaluable asset to today’s world.
— Mary Jo Papich, Jazz Education Network Co-Founder/Past President