Rhythms for Seniors


Life Rhythms is focused on working with senior citizens living in memory care facilities, retirement, assisted living and nursing homes to participate successfully in making music on an individual and group level. There are significant intellectual, social and emotional benefits inherent in making music for all people and seniors are no exception.

Research has shown that fewer doctor visits and less illness was experienced in populations where seniors participated in musical group activity and dance. Drum circles especially can improve cognitive activity by allowing seniors to be a part of something they feel has purpose. Keeping seniors engaged and active by participating in recreational and therapeutic drumming activities in a community setting is fundamental to long term health and wellness and their overall quality of life. The magic of music makes people more socially active, responsive and alert.

Life Rhythms benefits:

  • Community Senior Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Retirement Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Support groups
  • Health and Wellness centers

Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Program

Rhythm is a fundamental part of human life. Walking and talking are examples of basic human activities that require significant rhythmic coordination. Our brains must coordinate extraordinary amounts of rhythmic motions for us to communicate and to remain mobile. Understanding speech and interpreting the actions of our fellow human beings requires our brains to process millions of rhythmic inputs from our eyes and ears.

The ability to renew communication by using rhythmic drumming appears to greatly relieve frustration and stress in residents. In many cases these residents understand they are communicating more fully with the outside world through participation in senior drum circles as well as knowing that they are part of a larger group that is communicating with each other.

It is our belief that participation in-group drumming reduces the sense of isolation many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients must feel as their verbal communication skills deteriorate. Research has shown that the brain’s musical pathways remain intact much longer then other areas of the brain even after speech and short-term memory fade.

Our Senior Life Rhythms program allows family and their loved ones in memory care programs to reconnect through the awesome power of music. By playing together families can re-connect with their loved ones on a primal level that does not require the use of words.  Families can experience the joy of seeing their loved ones be successful playing individually and with a larger group.

Devoid of the frustrations inherent in speech loss the frustration is replaced with a successful experience where families have an opportunity to re-connect once again.

Life Rhythms offers a creative and productive outlet that enhances seniors overall self-expression and sense of well being by improving hand-eye coordination, stimulation of cognitive abilities and the promotion of wellness through music.